One In 500 Million Sperm” by Paula Woods Boodoosingh is a magnificent autobiography combined with the spiritual awakening which leads the author herself to uncovering her truth after her mother lied to her for more than 50 years. The purpose of this book has been to fulfil her divine assignment for only God knows how great she can become after gaining full control and responsibility for her life.

This book provides multiple valuable life lessons embedded in the autobiography. This book also serves the purpose of a guidebook since it has focused on the spiritual awakening factor of the author’s life as well. The readers will be able to learn multiple lessons from this book all at once from spiritual awakening to realizing your worth and gaining the right perspective on it.

Throughout the story, the author learns the truth about her DNA and struggles to comprehend the lies she was told while growing up about her life and who the other half of her immediate family were! Her Godmother frequently visited her throughout her childhood bringing expensive gifts of all sorts only to find out these gifts were coming from Paula’s biological Father. Everyone kept him a secret until she connected the dots through her own dreams, intuition and spiritual guidance to uncover her mystery and truths. This autobiography allows the readers to dive deep down into the life of Paula Marie and see the difficulties of life through her perspective but how she persevered and triumphed in the end.


In 500 Million Sperm

This book is a feast for those who are fond of reading autobiographies reflecting events related to their own lives as well. For instance, the spiritual awakening and unveiling of the truth about the author’s DNA is not something out of a fiction book, but an event that may appear in any person’s life.

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