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One In 500 Million Sperm” by Paula Marie Ottley Woods Boodoosingh is a magnificent autobiography combined with the spiritual awakening which leads the author herself to uncovering her truth after her mother lied to her for more than 50 years.

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About History

Paula Marie Ottley Woods Boodoosingh was simply named Paula Marie on her birth certificate. It wasn’t until age 22 that she became Paula Marie Ottley, assuming the surname of the man who raised her, whom she was told was her father. Paula never had a reason before then to view her birth certificate in any detail, but the need could no longer be denied as she began her journey to becoming a legal resident of the United States of America in the early 1980s.

Paula always knew she was different from her family. Not only was she born with the gifts of precognition and clairvoyance, and as a mnemonist with the extraordinary ability to recall vivid and detailed images, numbers, and dates throughout her life since she was an infant.


Book’s Chapters

One in 500 million sperm

Have a glimpse of some of the chapters to understand the gist and context of the book. This story is filled with thrill, suspense and spiritual awakening which further allows the readers to learn life lessons from the book and discover their true selves.


In 500Million Sperm

This book is a feast for those who are fond of reading autobiographies reflecting events related to their own lives as well. For instance, the spiritual awakening and unveiling of the truth about the author’s DNA is not something out of a fiction book, but an event that may appear in any person’s life.

This book provides multiple valuable life lessons embedded in the autobiography. This book also serves the purpose of a guidebook since it has focused on the spiritual awakening factor of the author’s life as well.

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Paula Boodoosingh’s Book

Watch this video now to see the visual representation of some of the events that occur in the life of Paula Marie Ottley-Boodoosingh, this powerful thriller uncovers the truth of her DNA and battle between her half-siblings mother and godmother in this true story reuniting her with her Biological Father Charles Maurice Woods Sr. an untold story about who she is that literally unfolded from Beyond the Grave! This is her story.


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